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In the age of global trade, a lot of companies face product piracy and counterfeits. The need for clear identification is growing in all industries and the marking of products (serialization) becomes more important. The BetterTec Services GmbH offers an effective solution to label every item with a unique serial number and therefore creates the prerequisite for a complete traceability throughout the entire supply chain.

With our serialization solution, items can be marked (serialized), linked to other packaging units and traced back to their origin – even in a multistage distribution chain. The module BetterID serves to generate and print serial numbers. These serial numbers can then be scanned within the BetterPack-system, which also bundles all scanned items under only one code, e.g. on the shipper label. Thanks to this aggregation, it can easily be determined which serial numbers are located in which carton or pallet.

Serialization with BetterID
The serial numbers can be generated through the web application BetterID. Every single item becomes unique through the marking with an individual serial number. The generated serial numbers will be encoded in 2D-codes (e.g. DataMatrix- or QR-Codes) .These codes will be supplied in the form of an export file and can be passed on to a printing system to imprint the folding boxes. Alternatively, the serial numbers can be printed on labels, which we will design according to your special needs.

Aside from the marking of products with scanable 2D-codes, the serial numbers can also be stored in RFID-labels (GS1 Standard EPC). Through this label, encoded information can be collected contactless. The products, marked with RFID-labels, can be even read when the code is not visible. E.g. all products of a shipping box can be read simultanenously which leads to an accelerated scan  process.

Unique Item
by marking with a unique and safe serial number

Efficient Scanning
by simultaneously collecting various 1D- or 2D-codes

Fast Implementation
by putting the preconfigured system into operation “plug and play”

Time Saving in the Supply Chain
by linking packaging units (Aggregation of product codes to shipping cartons / pallets)

Aggregation with BetterPack Multiscan
The module BetterPack serves for an efficient aggregation of product codes on item level to other packaging units, e.g. shipper cartons and pallets, as well as for the generation of labels for the respective packaging units. To collect the serialized product codes, the scan system BetterPack Multiscan is used. Unlike conventional methods, the product codes will be collected by placing them on the scanning device. This allows a simultaneous collecting of various (serialized) 1D- or 2D-codes (e.g. data matrix- or QR-codes) via the scanning device.

When the shipper is full, it will be labeled with an appropriate shipper label (GS1-compliant layout with SSCC code). All items included in the shipper are now linked via the code of the shipper label. This aggregation brings advantages for the whole supply chain. There is no need to scan the serialized items in every stage of the delivery process. Thanks to the aggregation the supplier knows already which serial numbers are included in the delivery after scanning the shippers and pallets and without having to open them.

Flyer Serialization Solution

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