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Central management, administration and optimization of logistic chains.
Trade with unauthorized goods and counterfeits is a growing problem for a lot of manufacturers. BetterTec Services GmbH offers with its products BetterID, BetterTrack and BetterTrace an efficient solution for identifying counterfeits and combating the grey market. Our Supply Chain Solution is based on the clear and unique labelling of the products and on tracing these back to their origin – even at a multistage supply chain with central, distribution and end customer warehouses. The solution contains comprehensive evaluations and interfaces to up- and down-stream systems, e.g. ERP, SAP, etc.


Unauthorized traders can be found along the whole distribution channel. To combat the grey market trade, revealing the sources of supply of these unauthorized traders is essential. To achieve that, a tracing system can be used as it enables you to trace back all products to its origin. BetterTec Services GmbH offers such a system with its solution set BetterID, BetterTrack and BetterTrace.

For being able to trace back goods and therefore reduce the damage caused by the grey market, an identification and labelling of all goods should take place first. This is why the first step in our supply chain solution is a serialization on item level. Because of the unique identification, every product can be traced back and goods beyond the authorized distribution channel can be identified.

STEP 1: Serialization/ BetterID
In the BetterID application, a generation of identification numbers (‚ID‘) on item level will take place. Therefore, every product becomes unique. The identification numbers are generated randomly and are therefore not conjecturable. The product IDs can be applied by the use of overt or covert security markings.

STEP 2: Aggregation of the ID with the customer data / BetterTrack
Within the BetterTrack application, every product ID will be assigned to the corresponding customer order data. Homogeneous packaging units will be measured on carton or pallet level.

STEP 3: Tracing / BetterTrace
As a result of the aggregation of the product ID with the customer order data, the shipment of every product, found in the grey market, can be reconstructed (BetterTrace).


The mobile computer, which is used to assign the identification numbers on item, carton and pallet level to the customer order data, is included in the scope of delivery. The scanner is preconfigured and can be put into operation “plug and play”. The simple and functional user interface ensures an intuitive operation. The data upload of the product IDs, customer and order data occurs automatically.


There are various areas of use for the Supply Chain Solution. Due to the assigned identification numbers, it is possible to trace back items in a multistage supply chain. This helps to identify grey market goods, counterfeits, theft goods and hence to optimate the distribution channel. The application can also be used for personalization and customer relationship programs, e.g. Loyalty Codes. To improve customer bonding for instance, the customer can be addressed with relevant and localized information and can be informed about new innovative product functionalities.

Additionally, the application contains a comprehensive reporting system with access to relevant standard reports, but also individual and customized reports tailored to individual needs.

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