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Professional inventory management with a scanner-guided receiving and picking process – paperless, adjustable, cost efficient and integrated quality control.
The Warehouse Solution deals with stock management and commissioning based on labelling items and storage locations with machine-readable barcodes – and as far as applicable the serialization on item level. Included in the solution are the applications BetterStore and BetterPick. BetterStore combines the goods receiving control and storage in only one application. The result of the receiving control will be documented in the application and the goods will be assigned to a storage location based on the principle of chaotic storage. BetterPick stands for a scanner-guided commissioning with a subsequent quality control. Through our application, the process will be paperless, fast and less error-prone.


BetterStore processes receiving goods by assigning them to a clearly identifiable storage location. The prerequisite for this is a warehouse equipped with machine-readable storage locations (shelves and storage space labelled with unique identification numbers (‘ID’)). When labelling the storage space with barcodes, the database can always tell the exact location of every item. Therefore, an inventory is also possible throughout the year. The products can be taken over in the commissioning warehouse straight away without passing the temporary warehouse – and be assigned to an available storage space. The employee scans the barcode of the storage space and the data will be sent to the BetterBase database. The inventory can be organized via the rate of turnover and „first in – first out“ (FIFO)-principle with BetterStore. Stock transfers, rearrangements, stock control and inventory results can be passed on to third systems.


The initial screen of the BetterPick application shows a summary of all current and available orders. The employees can select the order they want to process. After commissioning the requested goods successfully, the inventory change will be sent to the server and forwarded to the inventory system, e.g. SAP. With access to a third-party system it is also possible to produce an invoice printing.

The scanner should have internet access, but it doesn’t have to be connected to the Wi-Fi the whole time – generally, it is sufficient to have a Wi-Fi connection near the packing station.


After one order was selected out of the order list in the BetterPick application, the scanner shows a predefined route through the warehouse, so that the positions of the order can be processed step by step.

The BetterPick application guides the employee position per position using a calculated ideal route through the warehouse.


When at the right storage location, the required amount of items will be picked and scanned. For the purpose of quality control, the screen shows the sum of scanned items of the current order. When the picked amount equals the target quantity, the position will be marked as complete and the next item to be picked will be displayed. When all positions of an order have been processed, a summary of the order will pop up. This summary shows all positions of the current shipment. As long as the order hasn’t been completed, the positions of this order can still be viewed and adjusted. As soon as the order is completed, the print of the labels and the generation of a delivery ticket can follow. If there is access to an ERP system, the printing of an invoice is possible as well. After the invoice was printed, the paper-invoice needs to be scanned as well, for the purpose of quality control and the order can be closed. The data will be sent automatically to the ERP system (e.g. SAP) and a new order can be processed.

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